30 June, 2010

LA Galaxy takes on Real Madrid August 7

Hard to even think about MLS while the World Cup is in full swing, but just got a message from the LA Galaxy. Seems that Inter Milan winning the Champions League has made them too good for the Galaxy, so they cancelled their scheduled friendly at the Rose Bowl. The Galaxy needed a new opponent and will have to "downgrade" the friendly match to...get this...Real Madrid!

The game will be August 7 at the Rose Bowl, 7:30 pm Pacific. As a Barcelona supporter, I will be rooting for the Galaxy. Not that I love the Galaxy, but I always root for whoever is playing against Real Madrid. I have to wonder if Tristan Bowen will continue to dismantle international competition or if he will lose his starting spot with Edson Buddle returning from South Africa.

If you didn't know, Tristan Bowen is 19 years old, made his first start with the Galaxy on May 20 against Dallas, assisting the game's only goal in the 17th minute, and was named Man of the Match in a 1-0 Galaxy win. Then Bowen made his second start in a friendly against Boca Juniors May 23 and scored the game's only goal in the 83rd minute to lead LA to a 1-0 win.

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