30 June, 2010

Know your Quarterfinalists

Admit it. You didn't know anything about Keisuke Honda until now, and you definitely didn't know he played for CSKA Moscow. In fact, I had recently looked at the CSKA Moscow roster, and in retrospect, now that I think about it, I saw K. Honda of Japan, but at the time, the name didn't mean anything to me and I promptly forgot all about it. Then I saw Keisuke Honda in the World Cup and wondered "Who is this guy and why haven't I heard more about him?" So I had to look up where he played...oh yeah, K. Honda of CSKA Moscow. No wonder they were so good.

On that note, how well do you know the professional teams of the starting eleven of the eight quarterfinalists? Answers appear in the comments. No peeking!

1. Which quarterfinalist starter plays for Wigan Athletic in the EPL?

2. Two Dutch starters play for Ajax, Maarten Stekelenburg and Gregory Van Der Wiel, and one other team boasts of two Dutch starters. Name the team and the players.

3. An Ajax player who is not Dutch is starting in the quarterfinals. Name him.

4. The entire Spanish starting lineup comes from Real Madrid, Barcelona, and two other La Liga teams, plus Fernando Torres of Liverpool. Name the other two La Liga teams and the Spanish starters who play for those two teams.

5. A pair of brothers are in the quarterfinals and are probably both starting. Name them and their professional teams.

6. Only one Brazilian starter does not play in Europe. Name him and identify his club.

7. One Paraguay starter plays for a club in Paraguay. Name the player, bonus points if you can name the club.

8. How many members of Champions League winners Inter Milan are starting in the quarterfinals? Name as many as you can. Bonus: How many are on the bench for their respective quarterfinalist nations? Again, name them if you can.

If I made any mistakes, please feel free to point them out in the comments.


  1. Answers - no peeking you cheater!

    1. Richard Kingson of Ghana

    2. Bayern Munich - Mark Van Bommel and Arjen Robben

    3. Luis Suarez of Uruguay

    4. David Villa plays for Valencia and Joan Capdevila plays for Villareal

    5. Trick question. Jerome Boateng of Germany plays for Hamburg, his brother is Kevin-Prince Boateng of Ghana who plays for Portsmouth. They have a German mother and Ghanaian father, so each is eligible to play for either nation.

    6. Robinho plays for Santos

    7. Carlos Bonet plays for Club Olimpia in Asuncion

    8. Forgive me if I missed anyone, but I counted four starters: Julio Cesar, Lucio, and Maicon of Brazil, and Wesley Sneijder of the Netherlands. Off the bench for their respective nations, I counted three: Diego Milito and Walter Samuel for Argentina and Sulley Muntari for Ghana.

  2. OK, if you are compulsive enough to know this detail, you deserve extra credit. Robinho's loan to Santos from Manchester City was for six months, beginning January 28, 2010, so on July 28, as soon as the World Cup is over, Robinho will return to Manchester City, unless they transfer him before then. However, the fact remains that Robinho literally DOESN'T PLAY in Europe since he never got any playing time at City.

  3. Oddly enough, Jerome Boateng is also moving to Manchester City after the World Cup. He is technically no longer with Hamburg. I will give you full credit if you said Manchester City.

  4. I knew about Robinho, but he is considered an extreme disappointment and is highly unlikely to continue at City.


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