30 June, 2010

Why you should want Paraguay to win the World Cup

Larissa Riquelme has stated that she will get naked if Paraguay win the World Cup. You might remember her as the Paraguay fan smuggling the cellphone between her breasts in many recent pictures from South Africa.

The catch? According to the Daily Mail Online, she'll paint herself in the national colors of Paraguay should they win the final on July 11th. Color me a Paraguay fan.

Photo: AP


  1. I noticed the teams with the hottest female fans are still alive: Spain, Paraguay, Brazil, Holland, Germany, Argentina. Shame they have to play against each other, while Uruguay plays against Ghana. Yet another reason to support all South American teams. That's why they call it JOGO BONITO.

  2. Go Riquelme! I mean um...oh jeez, I guess I should read something first. Suddenly I am speechless.

  3. Yeah, but why stop an all out impressive hot girl fan fight?

  4. I'm looking for a Brazil-Paraguay fan matchup now

  5. Viva Paraguay! I'm looking at an intriguing Paraguay-Brazil matchup . . .


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