26 July, 2010

2010 Milk Cup Starts Today

Because of the inquiries, I'm linking the Denmark v US game live feed link here. It starts 3pm EST July 28th.

The look at our up and coming USMNT players is getting under way today (~2pm EST) when the US takes on China in Northern Ireland for the Milk Cup. With a squad including Sacir Hot (Boston College), Gale Agbossoumonde (on loan w/FC Braga), and Samir Badr(FC Porto B), we look pretty strong.

Now, I'm not going to bother reading into the results too much with this (good or bad), but it's good experience for the boys and may generate some interest from some teams abroad to pick some up and help develop them more for the future.

Former Spurs and North Ireland Keeper Pat Jennings. I'm sure there is a joke to be had with these shirts.

Our next game isn't until Wednesday, when we take on Denmark. After that, we have a guaranteed 3rd match with either Mexico, Japan, or North Ireland.

BBC plans on showing a few of the "premier games" including the Denmark v US match, so check back on Wednesday and I'll see if I can't put together a live feed for you.

Todays Results:
USA 1 - China 0 Goal by Omar Selgado (no current club)
Denmark 4 - Japan 1
Mexico 1 - North Ireland 1

And here's a little goal celebration of Selgado.

Good job boys. Keep it up.

Photo: MilkCup


  1. Hi,

    DO you have a live streaming site?

    I'd love to watch the USA-Denmark game.


  2. Yes, yes we do. Just go back to our main page, click on the vid link under the title Denmark v USA Milk Cup 2010 LIVE and sit back and enjoy.

  3. Got it!! Thanks!!

    How can we let US Media to publish that USA is going to FINALS?. This is small tournament but BIG for the US.


  4. Robert,
    I agree. This is a big tournament. These aren't chump teams we are up against, and to come back from 1-0 down, then score again in the waning minutes after we give up an own goal which would have put us in the 3rd or 4th place game this weekend.
    I'm just glad we got some good experience against two tough opponents. Hopefully, we can grow on this.

  5. See my post on the USA-Denmark article. It's sad we don't pay attention; look at all the famous highly successful EPL players that have played in this tourney in the past. I left a link to their website. Thanks for the video and the coverage. Let's see if we can break down the roster before the final against Northern Ireland (who are in their 3rd straight final).

  6. Where can I watch the US vs Mexico game today for the milk cup??

  7. Can try but it only shows 1-2 live matches, which are obviously done for the day. BBC made it a little more difficult to watch live this year.


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