12 July, 2010

2010 World Cup Award Winners

It's all over. And Tiger "TSI's Choice for the World Cup Psychic" Woods chose poorly. Damn, he didn't even get the score right.

Well, it's all done and behind us, we fired Tiger, so without further ado, let's announce the 2010 Fifa World Cup Award Winners.

Golden Boot: Thomas Mueller, Germany. 5 Goals, 3 Assists. Well done.
Silver Boot: David Villa, Spain. 5 Goals, 1 Assist.
Bronze Boot: Wesley Sneijder, Netherlands. 5 Goals, 1 Assist.

Golden Ball (Most Outstanding Player): Diego Forlan, Uruguay. 5 Goals.
Silver Ball: Wesley Sneijder, Netherlands.
Bronze Ball: David Villa, Spain.
Blue Ball: Larissa Riquelme Fans.

Best Young Player of the Tournament: Thomas Mueller, Germany. Obviously, heads and tails above the competition.

Golden Gloves: Iker Casillas, Spain.

I think the choices were pretty fair, and almost completely unanimous. Maybe next time I'll bring back Marty McFly's Sports Almanac and I can just jump all the competition and tell you who to pick up for your fantasy squad.


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