21 July, 2010

27 Game Ban Handed Out for Choking Out Referee

Damn. We're talking MMA style Matt Hughes stuff here. In case you didn't catch the original incident:

It occurred during a 2nd Division Chilean game between Concepcion and Rangers in which Head Referee Marcelo Miranda had to call for a penalty kick to be retaken four times. Now we're not sure if this is what ultimately led to Jose Pedroso to go all bananas on Miranda, but Miranda never did file charges. The Chilean Football Federation (Federación de Fútbol de Chile) stepped in and imposed a 27 game ban on Pedroso

This kind of penalty is not completely unheard of as Rio Ferdinand received an 8 month ban in December of 2003 for missing a drug test, and Accrington Stanley's Peter Cavanagh received an 8 month ban for betting about £3,500 against Bury in 2008, or even Singapore's 15mo ban on 3 Brunei players for attacking a referee, but it may be in the running for the longest ban for attacking a referee.

That said, it doesn't really matter at the moment as Pedroso has quit Rangers.
Federación de Fútbol de Chile has stated that if he returns to Chilean football, his ban will be reinstated.

Pedroso claims that Miranda was "singling him out" as he had bent sent off by the man in black three prior times.

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