16 July, 2010

Al-Qaeda Soccer

Yeah, so I'm giving credit to my lovely wife here for showing me this one. It's an article from the first week of this July's Newsweek about how militant jihadists bond over the World Cup. Quite a good, short read.

And it got me thinking, is there really that much to read into a game between 22 men (or women) played in a span of ~90mins?

I mean, if Bin Laden is an Arsenal fan despite credible witnesses to the fact that he actually donned a kit of theirs, why can't we just think that maybe everyone everywhere can put down bombs, guns, and fighting to enjoy a match?

Then comes this tidbit from Der Spiegel:
When visiting London back in 1994, Bin Laden is thought to have cheered on Arsenal F.C. at their Highbury stadium for at least two European ties, against Torino and Paris St. Germain. It is even suggested he bought his son Abdullah a replica shirt in the club shop after having been blown away by the Highbury atmosphere.
Well, it goes to show you can't control who your fans are. It also shows that there is just too much effort by people from FIFA all the way down to Al Qaeda abusing people's love of a game and trying to find ways to ruin it for us fans. Kind of reminds me of my 10th grade English teacher telling me to analyze a book when all I want to do is enjoy reading.

Sometimes, it really is just about the game. Sometimes, we just want to forget about all the trouble in the world, relax with a cold drink and watch a game played by 22 people on a pitch for ~90 minutes. Thankfully, EPL and La Liga are starting up soon, so we can all stretch that 90 minutes to a whole weekend. Enjoy.


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