18 July, 2010

Blackpool is my new Second Favorite Team

Well, if you don't love their manager, Ian Holloway, you should. The guy is brilliant and funny. They might be my 2nd favorite team to watch this upcoming EPL season just to see his interviews alone.

But if he isn't funny enough for you, then check out the recent scuttle on "'Pool consider Butt move" and in their rumor section, they say that Blackpool are considering Shittu and Butt.* It just doesn't get any better than this. Wait, no, it doesn't.

One to watch on the field for Blackpool is Charlie Adam. The guy put away 16 goals last season as their lead goalscorer including a cracker from just inside the half field line during the season and a free kick that ended up being the deciding factor in their playoff promotion match against Cardiff at Wembley . On top of the goals, the guy likes to scrum as he managed to accumulate 13 yellows in league play. If the 24yo Scottish mid can keep his head on, Blackpool will prove tough opponents.

Sure, the Tangerines are going to get knocked around the Premiership this season like Wigan at White Hart Lane (a 9-1 drubbing last season), but I'll give props to a team that will give as good as it takes.

*For reference purposes, Nicky Butt is a 35yo former Newcastle man, while Danny Shittu is a Nigerian defender and both are rumored targets of Blackpool.



  1. Retired Nicky Butt? Not Hans-Joerg Butt? Hans-Joerg Butt the Bayern Munich goalkeeper who has scored 32 professional goals by taking penalty kicks, 26 of them in the Bundesliga?

    So easy to make a joke about "keep 'er Hans on Joerg own Butt"

  2. Listen to that clip from the 1:53 mark on. Hilarious. Damn right, my man. I gotta hear all those guys post-match interviews. Ongoing blog updates?

  3. Definitely. I think Holloway is pure reporter's gold. He's a living quote machine, and he's right on pretty much every count.

    Blackpool still needs to sign about 8-9 players before the season starts to have a full squad of 25 and they have successfully petitioned the EPL to allow them to have their first 5 games away so they can finish expanding their home stands from about 12,500 to 16,000.

    They presently are work permit pending an Israeli defender Dekel Kienan on a one year contract from Macaibi Haifa. Shouldn't be a problem since he's made 15 app. and 6 in WC qualifying.


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