05 July, 2010

Bob Bradley to Fulham? Dempsey to AC Milan?

Seriously? Did Fulham not see Bob Bradley's total lack of ability in almost every 1st half of every game he ever managed with the USMNT?

The craziest part is he's in competition with Sven Goran and Mark Hughes to replace Roy Hodgson as Fulham's manager for the 2010-2011 season.
Sven is a journeyman failure who hires himself out to the highest bidder and Mark Hughes can get a job done well, but will never take a team to the top something we unfortunately saw while he was at Man City.

Now, usually I'd chalk this up to BS, but it's coming from the Daily Mail and Soccerbyives. Damn... if I was Bradley, I'd jump ship right now while the iron is hot or something.

If he does make the move, he'll become the first US born coach to ever manage a club in the EPL. The rumor does make a little sense, I guess, as they have Dempsey on the books and technically EJ as well (currently on loan in Greece), but with the leaked rumor that Dempsey is being eyed up by AC Milan, I'm at a loss. Grab your umbrellas, cause it's raining cats and dogs now.


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