Well, despite it not being posted on The Capello Index, Sky Sports is reporting the Capello grades for the English team at the World Cup. Personally, I'm still kind of freaked out by the fact that it said Emile Heskey was one of their best players. Actually, on second thought, that explains a lot.

According to the Capello Index site players are graded out of 100pts which are comprised of: Long Pass Quality, Cross Quality, Assists, Dribbling/Acceleration with the ball, Aerial Challenges, Movement Quality (1 v 1 and alone), Bookings (including non bookable fouls), Goals (including own goals), Interceptions and Defensive Cover, Pass/Shots, Free Kicks/Penalty Kicks, Recovery, Throw-ins, Long Range Pass Play and Switch Play, and something called "other events" which sounds like the ambiguous catch all.