04 July, 2010

Classy, by definition

Yeah, so you didn't think this would ever apply to Maradona and you're technically correct. It does, but only in an ironic fashion. Argentina and Maradona, fresh off a whooping that would make a belt manufacturer proud, will go down in WC 2010 history as the team that failed to live up to expectations and the team whose coach threatened fans because he lost.

Now, it isn't lost on me that the guy who insulted Pele, Plantini, the media, England, Beckenbauer... ah, heck, pretty much everyone, including your mom, would obviously want to spout off after losing 4-0 to Germany. What did surprise me was that he did it to the German fans behind the Argentine bench.

Seriously, your team gave up after the second goal and all I saw Heinze do for your team was complain to the refs about being fouled when he came cleats up on a German. You really want to blame the fans? Why not blame the 17hr flight or the altitude? Oh wait, you already used that excuse in the 6-1 shellacking Bolivia handed you last year in qualifying.

Well, this isn't any good. At least there is next World Cup. Hmmm, not gonna be there, huh Maradona? Well, there will always be a picture of you in the dictionary next to the word "classy". No? Damn, this just isn't your day.


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  1. I guess "The hand of God" wasn't with you this time Diego.


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