18 July, 2010

Disturbing Thought of the Day

Not proud to admit it, but I was checking out Sepp Blatter's Twitter the other day. Guy has the basic info only a personal secretary could make up. But on the right side of the page, it lists the twitter pages of the people he "follows":

European Parliament The White House Real Madrid World Economic Forum Swiss Confederation John Key United Nations Barack Obama Olympics Swiss Olympic Team Paulo Coelho Freddy Adu edgar davids Landon Donovan Kaka LIVE português - عربي auf deutsch PT live AR live FR live DE live en Français ES live en español

I want to repeat those three I bold faced above... Landon Donovan, Freddy Adu and US President Barack Obama. That's it... no other people being followed by ol' Sepp. Now, what is interesting about the afore mentioned people is that they comprise three US reps: Adu and Landycakes are two of the only three current players that he follows (maybe he has something for the Biggest Midget in the Game*, with Kaka being the third player), and Obama is the only president on the list.

Now, I may be reading into this, but I'm thinking he may be backing the US bid for 2022. Why else bother with Adu? And why so much interest in Landycakes for that matter? Is he keeping his mack strong with advice from Landon? Disturbing, thy name is Sepp Blatter. Any which way, I'll check with my Magic 8 ball when the time comes, and all will be answered.

*I can't make too much fun of Sepp though, his boy Freddy Adu follows Jaleel White aka Steve Urkel...

Photo: The Mirror

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