15 July, 2010

Emile Heskey Retires from the English National Team

After realizing he wasn't much more than a hack and after repeated chants of "You are nothing but an English Brian Ching..."* from the stands during the England v US match in South Africa, Emile Heskey has chosen to retire from international play.

Despite 62 caps and 7 goals, he was never a real threat up top unless you were an opposing player looking to not break your leg or arm on a late challenge. Just ask Tim Howard or even his own teammate Rio Ferdinand.

His inclusion speaks volumes of the lack of quality up top as a paired striker for England. That or the fact that they somehow think he "practices well". Damn am I tired of hearing that and seeing crap players take the field and not produce, repeatedly.

I would say a fond farewell and we'll miss you to Emile, but I don't think anyone cares that he's gone.

* I made up that chant just now, but for having so many caps due to a lack of credible talent/managers, and constantly under-producing, it is pretty much dead on in my books.


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