09 July, 2010

Fan Invades Pitch After Realizing his Team Didn't Make It Out of the Group Stage

During the semi-final game between Germany and Spain, a pitch invader disrupted the game with a message: "Lippi, I told you so." Wow. Yeah, you stick it to him buddy. The fact that you are probably now labeled a hooligan and will be banned from attending another international match be damned.

Now, some of you will label me an ass or anti-Italian, and that's fine. Actually, I'm anti-diving. No, wait, I like a well performed 3 1/2 back somersault in the pike position. I'm anti-annoying fan. See, even when we think we are done with "un-beautiful" football, we aren't. Their fans want to usurp the limelight and refocus it on Italy. That said, it could just have easily been a French fan, an American or even an English one.

Wednesday was about two great teams on the pitch, playing their hearts out to make the finals. It wasn't about South Africa air traffic pimping itself out for money and screwing over the fans. It wasn't about Sepp Blatter (even though he tries his hardest to make everything about himself). And despite this article, it wasn't even about Italy. Wednesday was about seeing the second of two teams that have never, ever, won the World Cup, make the final. Instead, we are subjected to people trying to take that accomplishment away.

I understand the irony here of giving face time to an A-hole only creates justification for more A-holes to run out onto the pitch and spread their "message". Maybe I should just solicit free tickets from people to attend every match with a baseball bat. If I see you get up from your seat to run onto the pitch, I break your kneecap like you owe me $200.

I just want my soccer back from these people. I would go to a game and run onto the pitch with a t-shirt that reads:"Don't be an A-hole" as a message to these people except we all know that A-holes don't know how to read.

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