28 July, 2010

Freddy Adu Trialing with FC Sion

Yeah, didn't believe the rumors until I read it myself on the Swiss site (translated by a really crappy German translator i.e.-me)
"Yeah, that's correct. Freddy has been here with us since yesterday. He had a bit of training with us and will maybe stay with us through tomorrow afternoon. It's a possibility that Adu will play for Sion this season." - Sion Manager Fredy Chassot.
So what does that mean? Not a whole lot. Remember this would be his 5th team (4th on loan) . The confusion lies in the translation. He originally signed a 2 yr loan to Aris from Benfica, but he hasn't featured for Benfica since 2007, so he may just be cut loose after a flop signing of $2mil from Real Salt Lake in MLS. The translation comes across as "after his contract is completed," which would infer that Benfica cut their loses on Adu and Sion just outright signs with them.

Honestly, I think this is a good move for the 34yo midget. What? He claims he's 21? Yeah. Right. No one peaks that quick in a career. That he's washed up by 18 and can't find playing time, even in Greece is made that much more impressive since he's one of only four (current and retired) players followed by Sepp Blatter on Twitter.

Maybe, just maybe, he'll get his career back on track with Sion. Remember, Sion is the team that had a transfer ban and fine for luring Egyptian keeper Al-Hadary away from Al-Ahly a few years back yet they won the Swiss Cup twice, once in 2006 and again last season, so who knows.

Stay tuned, same time, same site, different club...


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  1. Two things. When I lived in LA a few years back, some dudes at work were from Ghana. They follow soccer and we were talking about Adu. They looked at him and said "No way he's 16 (or whatever age he was)." They said he was to muscular/developed for a Ghananian that age. Interesting. I think Adu's best choice to to go back to MLS. Garner some home fan support and get some real PT without tons of pressure and cultural barrier. And would draw more interest in MLS. With Thierry Henry, Donovan, there are some good players there at the top tier and I'd like to see how Adu does vs a real pro like Henry or Juan Pablo Angel. IF he does well, he''ll get a chance in the Gold Cup, perhaps. I mean, look at some of the guys called up for friendlies. Beckerman? C'mon, MLS. Chicago Fire, you listening?


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