06 July, 2010

Germany v. Spain Matchup


This one is down to the wire, kids. On the left, Sarah Brandner (Bastian Schweinsteiger's girlfriend) and on the right in, yes, wait for it... a candy necklace, Sara Carbonero (Iker Casillas' girlfriend). The guns are out. Expect a high scoring game with lots of drama. This is for all the marbles and a chance for the finals... And FIGHT!

We apologize to fans that earlier, we had a picture of Adriana Lima earlier. Both gorgeous, both caught me at a loss of words. It's been since corrected.

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  1. Now imagine Sarah Brandner bringing you a beer in that outfit...or better, not in that outfit.

  2. That is not Sara Carbonero !!! That's Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My apologies on the incorrect picture. You do have to admit they are strikingly similar looking. It's been corrected since the notice.


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