25 July, 2010

Getting a Soccer Ball into the Hands of Every Child

This is another from the file of "cool". Back in 2009, a Korean design studio called Unplug Design, came up with an ingenious way of combining food with soccer. The result was this:

Built of strips of a cardboard-like material, these foodstuff containers, when emptied of their contents, can be easily crafted into a soccer ball with no added equipment necessary. Instructions are printed on the inside, and the ball is sturdy enough to be used by children/adults everywhere when they receive aid from the UN.

The resulting ball looks pretty similar to a wicker type ball:

Honestly, this is just a freaking awesome idea. It has a low cost of production, provides entertainment, and spreads the game in a low cost way (like soccer equipment needs to be any lower cost to simply play).

Hey, UNICEF and every other not-for-profit out there, if the UN doesn't pick this idea up, you should.

Photo: Greenmuze

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