02 July, 2010

The Jinx of a World Cup Commercial

Wow, okay, so like me, you were annoyed to hell and back by the same 5-6 commercials during breaks in the matches so far. Well, there is good news. I can't seem to find a single company that seemed to do well or hype a player that actually performed well in the Cup.

For example, Knight and Day hit box offices this last weekend after commercials ad nauseum. You'll be happy to know that it pulled in ~$20mil on it's opening weekend. This wasn't even half of what Grown Ups (yeah, can't make me go see that) and almost 1/3 of what Toy Story 3 did in it's 2nd week.

Example number two is pretty funny in and of itself as well. Several people who participated in Nike's "Write the Future" campaign failed to produce, didn't score, or didn't even play. Case in point, Ribery and Rooney both featured in Nike's write the future. Each failed to score a single goal. France and Ribery were eliminated in the first round while England and Rooney were eliminated in the quarters. Memo Ochoa features in an Allstate Insurance commercial as well as an Adidas commercial which is funny since he never played one minute in the Cup. Altidore also failed to score after featuring in Adidas' commercials. Ronaldinho? Don't remember him touching the pitch this Cup, but he was in the Write the Future ad as well. Cannavaro? Ha ha, gone and even managed to score an own goal. Can't say I've seen Messi put one in the net either after seeing him do so in the Adidas commercials, although he has played pretty well otherwise.

Maybe it's looking like a good thing that Holland pretty much was avoided by Adidas and Nike. Of course, for you Vegas types out there, the only feature of a German that I saw on a commercial was Beckenbauer with the Adidas Star Wars ad, so I think they are a safe bet to meet in the finals. Damn, if only I hadn't bet $50 on Slovenia at 1000:1...


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