25 July, 2010

Man City, Buying Your Heart Any Way It Can

I came across this one in the wee hours of the morning. The premise is this, several ManCity players hop out of a van on their US tour and play pickup ball in a borough of NYC. "Wow, great, these guys are my idols. Look at what they are doing. Getting in touch with the people." That's nice and all, but this Umbro sponsored marketing ploy reads a little deeper into Man City's plans to put their name on everything soccer, for good or bad.

Remember, this is a team that is dropping ridiculous salaries in the laps of players (some deserving) to buy a place in the Big 4 a la Chelski, I mean Chelsea. They look at the Blues and want that piece of the pie, that corporate buy-in from fans around the world despite the fact that 20 yrs ago, Chelsea was absolute piss. Prior to the 1990s, they had a handful of cups to their entire history. Now, Chelsea is averaging a cup each year.

Here's the ad in question:

Great, terrific, but look at the bigger picture. Go to one of the other soccer blogs (even a few that we like), pick pretty much any one and you'll see banners and pop-ups on most of them for Man City. Read in the papers who is dropping the cash. Man City has put nearly £75mil in the pockets of players this off-season, not to mention the crazy salaries they are paying for them.

The last time Manchester City has won anything of any importance was about 34 years ago when they won the League Cup. Compound the fact that they are the red-headed step child of Manchester and that they have a new, and very deep pocketed investor/owner and you have a team with a chip on it's shoulder wanting to win and wanting to win now.

This team is a team of mercenaries taking the money and hoping beyond all hope that they are the Miami Heat of the EPL. I mean, seriously, every has-been who hasn't won a ring in the NBA is begging to get on the Miami Heat squad, even as a ball boy.

In deference to Man City, if you have the money and players are willing to take it, why not? And the fans, they, like anyone else, just want to be entertained. Never mind that they will never be the underdog favorites of fans anywhere. The club doesn't care though. If they can buy their players, they can certainly buy the attentions' of fans until, just like Chelsea, their short memoried fans remember nothing but the "Fabled Teams of Manchester City".

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  1. I personally would prefer the respective blue-shirted "step-children" in the cities of Manchester and Liverpool (ie Man City and Everton) win than their wealthy red-shirted counterparts, Man Utd and Liverpool. Not the least reason is that both the "step-children" have employed USA players, and Everton continues to do so. At the moment I will continue to root for Everton (with my heart, NOT with my brain) because they continue to rely on my friend Tim Howard and Landon Donovan will presumably re-join the team as soon as he finishes his warm-up with the Galaxy. My brain, however, tells me that the mighty Liverpool Reds will win the Liverpool derby easily.


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