28 July, 2010

Maradona Out as Argentina Manager

It's official. Maradona's contract with the AFF will not be renewed by unanimous decision of the AFF board after meeting with Maradona last night. While no exact detail can be pointed to as to the cause of the "firing" (some argue that it was because of some of his backroom staff that he refused to dismiss), I'll just point to the quarterfinal finish (4-0 loss to Germany) in the Cup, the 6-1 whooping that Bolivia gave them in qualifying and his repeated excuses as to why Argentina wasn't playing at it's best.

Hey, watch me pull a job out of my pants!

Either way, Sergio Batista has taken over the reigns temporarily with an eye as a possible permanent replacement. Batista managed Argentina to an Olympic gold in 2008 as well as won the 1986 WC as a defensive mid.

Photo: Soccerbyives

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