05 July, 2010

The next manager of the USMNT is...

Now, without going through the whole list again, I'm referencing a good starter list from bigsoccer.

The problem is that already, their list is already outdated (only 5 days old) and several good candidates were overlooked.

Now, as you know from an earlier article, my apprehension about going Dutch (other than one Euro Championship, what have they ever won?) so I'm going to avoid the usual names like Guus, Rijkaard and Gullit.

Consider some other possible good options, including poster's suggestions as well:

Jose Pekerman. Currently club tied, but the guy has managed 3 Youth World Championship teams in the past 20yrs. He's got World Cup coaching experience with Argentina in 2006 where they got knocked out in shootout with Germany. He's got name recognition, speaks Spanish which USSF claims to want inroads with and is a proven developer of youth talent. What isn't there to like about the guy?

Harry Redknapp. Now this is a complete stretch, but the guy is currently in his last year with Tottenham. He's also got some tax issues (I'm sure the US would be willing to look the other way since we have so many with offshore accounts and ol 'Arry really did nothing other than invest through a non taxable offshore account). Most importantly, he's got a proven record of development and production with limited quality (i.e.- see Portsmouth's FA Cup win a few years ago and Tottenham's first Champions League qualification in nearly 50yrs). USSF seems so enamored with the FA that surely this guy has crossed their minds.

Luiz Felipe Scolari. The Brazilian Journeyman is probably even more traveled than Bora Multinovic. He's coached Brazil and Portugal, Chelsea and Cruzeiro... the guy has been successful in almost every place he's coached. The problem could be that he wouldn't stick around. The upside is that he wouldn't stick around past the next cycle. This could allow us to get a good potential home grown talent a little more experience and time to mature so that he keeps the upward improvement without allowing us to become static and also lends a big name to keep the fans happy.

Sigi Schmid. Current coach of Seattle Sounders. We all know USSF's predilection for US MLS coaches (see Arena and Bradley). All he does is win. The problem is, can he do it on the international stage? I'd like to hope so, but not sure I want to go this route just yet.

Kasey Keller. Another big stretch since he's got no head coaching experience, but hear me out. The guy is probably in his last season with MLS. He speaks German, English and Spanish fluently. Pretty much every coach he's had has said repeatedly that he'd make a great coach someday for his ability to manage a team on the field and work with individual players. He's hugely popular from his time with the USMNT and Seattle and his signing, while questionable, does fit with Gulati's selections without listening to outside suggestions. Plus, Brazil went out and signed Dunga as their national coach with 0 managerial experience, so it's not fresh ground. If nothing else, I'd love to see the guy as a head coach for the US at some point in his life.

Juergen Klinsmann. People have been clamoring for him for a while. Popular with the USMNT fans, proven striker and capable analyst of US talent. He's worked with proven talent and is fond of US methods of training. While he has admitted that he has been frustrated with the US player development scheme, he seems willing to work within it's confines if given the leeway for player selection that the USSF always seems reluctant to completely hand over to it's coaches. The downside is he hasn't produced as a coach... ever.

Stuart Pearce. The guy coached Man City, is a former English international player and current coach of the U21 England team. He's reluctant to blame refs or players for issues and is well respected by fellow pros. From recent reports of the FA being disappointed with the current run of form internationally by the English Men's team, it wouldn't be a stretch to suggest that he could become a head coach with the US since England has recently resigned Capello for it's senior squad.

Piotr Nowak. Former US U23 National coach and current coach of Philly Union. Not big on the guy since, in contrast to Pearce (above), he blames players and refs for everything. He also brings a rough and tumble style which is something I think the USMNT is trying to shed for obvious reasons of getting called for even coughing in an opponent's direction.

Dominic Kinnear. Another developer of youth talent. Guy has been around forever in Houston. Good record and well respected. Most importantly, he's a former US player who coached in the MLS. Somehow, that makes him an excellent candidate.

Dunga. Yeah, I said it, Dunga. The guy coached and played for Brazil. Yeah they lost to Holland in the quarters, but that could have easily been a World Cup Final matchup with a slightly different drawing. As a bonus, he is now no longer coaching Brazil and could take the time off to think about taking the job when Bradley's contract expires in December. This was his first coaching position and considering, I think that it would tie in well if we tried to cultivate relationships with the Brazilian Football Federation and tried to improve talent development in the US as well.

Carlos Alberto Parreira. The guy should be wrapping up his time with South Africa at the moment. He inspired some great play from Bafana Bafana as well as winning the World Cup in charge of Brazil. He's spent a brief time with MLS, won a Turkish Championships with Fenerbache and coached as many teams in the World Cup as Bora Multinovic (5). Again, my push for Brazilian coaches precedes me, but he's a proven and well known coach... and he's available.

Some good possibilities, some even available when Bradley's contract is up and all should be on speed dial for Gulati at the moment. Let's hope we hear sooner rather than later that one of these coaches is snapped up and Bradley and his 1st half jinx are gone.

I'd also like some other good suggestions for coaches with reader rationale, because I don't know everyone available. We need something better than the mediocrity that got us eliminated so quickly, and we need it soon.

You know, after further thought, and I know some of you are thinking this, even though I don't agree...

Bruce Arena. He's the winningest USMNT coach ever. He's winning with LA and everywhere he's gone. The downside? He's delusional. Remember all those "head coaching positions available to him overseas" that he claimed were offered as his tenure ended? I didn't hear a peep from anyone either and his time in the analyst booth shows what other clubs thought of him. He's also anti US media and dislikes fan opinion of himself or second guessing. Do we really want that again? Besides, the guy looks like Baba Booey.

Keep Bob Bradley. He's the 2nd winningest USMNT coach ever. He knows the current talent pool and in the 2nd half of most of his games in charge, he's gotten some of the best play out of the players and the guy looks like Skeletor. The downside to him? Ummm, the 1st half of every game he's in charge. 9 of the last 24 games in charge of the USMNT have seen the US fall behind by a goal in the first 15mins. That smacks of poor preparation and we can't have a coach that refuses to make changes when even a 10yr can see his favoritism for certain players is his liability (hello Ricardo Clark, Sasha Kljestians and Jonathan Bornstein). Sure we could keep him in charge, but at what cost? Possibly seeing us get to the same place again next Cup cycle and burn out. Honestly, we need to improve, not tread water here.

So that's my 2 cents. Some good, some bad, and some that USSF is going to completely overlook.


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  1. Good thoughts to get a Brasilian conection here. I've always wanted Carlos Alberta Parriera, but for some reason he doesn't catch on. Too bad the best choice is unavailable as he's starting his new contract with Turkey: Guus Hiddink.


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