30 July, 2010

No Deal for Adu

Sorry buddy. Doesn't look like Switzerland wants you either. Something about a height requirement...

Well, according to Freddy on Twitter, he stubbed or did something to his toe that didn't allow him to finish his practice session, and FC Sion made an announcement that they were passing on the opportunity to pick Adu up. "Despite his undeniable quality, the American player does not fit to the needs searched for by the club at this time."- yanksabroad

Ouch. Dude can't even get the time of day from a 5th place Swiss team in Sepp Blatter's own backyard. Sounds like someone might want to suck it up and come back to MLS for the league minimum. Although, at this point, do we even want to bring him back?

At the moment, it looks like he'll be riding his golden parachute by going back to Aris to complete his 2 yr loan, despite the fact that their coach has made it known he's not really wanted their either. Freddy, enjoy Greece. I hear their benches are very nice.


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