21 July, 2010

Players Ball 2010

And Pimp of the Year 2010 Award goes to...

Drum roll, please...

It's a tie! Frank Ribery and Karim Benzema, please come up to accept your award.

France, feel free to use that idea like some of the police here in the States. It works pretty well when they give out free tickets to tax cheats then arrest them when they pick up their winnings. Don't these idiots wonder how they won a contest they never entered? But I digress...

Hmmm, you know, in retrospect, the picture above looks like a sorority photo with Bishop Don "The Magic" Ribery holding court with his crunk juice. That's good and all, but Bishop Don "The Magic" Juan (no relation) and many other pimps seem to somehow avoid getting arrested for what they do. And therein lies the problem.

See, in France, prostitution is legal. What is illegal, is sleeping with an underage prostitute. (Still not sure how they go about checking the age on that one since age of consent is 15 and legal age for prostitution is 18). Benzema and Ribery never denied paying to sleep with Zahia Dehar (another gratuitous photo here as well). But, now that she's announced that she just turned 18, they are in a bit of trouble.

Officially, they are out on bail, but should this make it to court, they could be looking at up to 3 years and/or €45,000 in fines.

Word is that Dehar told them she was of age and they consented. Sounds like it may boil down to a he said/she said bit. A trial date has not yet been set.

Here's to hoping that Ribery and Benzema get a jury that didn't follow the French team in South Africa or they'll be done for.

Photo: isportspix

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