31 July, 2010

Portsmouth, So Bad Even Their Kit Sponsor Won't Let Them Wear Their Jersey

Picked this up from Yahoo Sports the other day. Apparently, Portsmouth was in DC playing a MLS team in a preseason friendly.

I almost called the article "DC United Beats Itself 4-0", because, I didn't see a team that even belonged in the Championships playing. It was brutal.

How bad? Well, besides having a 28hr layover in Chicago (not all bad, but it looks like when they did make their flight, they left their dignity and skills back in Chicago), they also lost several bags, including their kits.

Yeah, arriving in DC and having to use an MLS team's kits for a game is pretty bad. Almost should have just begged their fans to give them the jerseys off their backs in return for signing them after the game. Nah, don't think they had anyone turn out to cheer them on, so that option was out.

Well, the insults didn't stop there. They hadn't been able to practice for nearly three days and when they played DC, they did it on 4hrs rest. Oh, and then their keeper David James ups and leaves them for Bristol City.

Not good. Not good at all Portsmouth. Well, if there is anything you can take from Chicago it's this from the Cubs, "Wait 'til next year."

Photo: AP

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