16 July, 2010

Ronaldinho Moving to LA Galaxy?

ESPN is currently reporting that the LA Galaxy will be signing Ronaldinho "imminently".

Apparently, the Galaxy are looking to respond to NYRB's signing of Thierry Henry by signing the Brazilian from AC Milan (65 app. 20 goals in 2 seasons with ACM).

So my question is this, why is MLS not giving help to the other teams in the league?

Sure, Chicago had Blanco (who has since turned down an offer at age 37 to return to the Fire and is weighing up options to play 2nd div Mexican ball)* and Seattle got Freddie Ljungberg, but wtf?!

If we are going to allow some of these teams to get all the power in this supposed balanced system of salary cap MLS, then lets be fair about it or drop the pretentions.

*It is rumored by that Chicago will unveil Blanco and Nery Castillo as new DP signings tomorrow. God knows the Fire need the help at the moment, but Blanco has already revealed he will indeed sign with Irapuato.

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