03 July, 2010

Ruh Roh Shaggy

Uruguay won in a shootout yesterday. In the waning seconds, Uruguay's #9 Luis Suarez handled the ball in the box and turned the momentum from Ghana's favor to a Uruguay win. In doing so, Suarez received a justly deserved red card which means he is out of the next match.

Or is he? For semifinalists in the World Cup, two more games are guaranteed; the semi final game and either the final (if they win the semi) or the 3rd/4th place game. Fifa is making the decision to review the red. Usually, in the case of "harsh" referee decisions, teams will protest a card after the game and have it reviewed, sometimes resulting in a reduction of a ban. In this case, Fifa is looking to extend the ban through the end of the World Cup as they view the foul to be egregious.

Now, one has to question Fifa, why? I understand it was in poor sportsmanship for Suarez to prevent the goal, but Fifa did not sanction poor refereeing in the Cup nor did they publicly address the poor calls that denied several goals in South Africa. I can't even say I even recall Fifa looking to voluntarily extend a red in such a manner when no team involved asked for a review. It does smack somewhat of Fifa trying to appease the home continent and supercede their own laws.

Either way, come Monday, we'll have a verdict, and chances are this is the last you've seen of Suarez this World Cup.



  1. I don't think a two-match ban for cheating is unreasonable. The only real rule regarding a referee's decision is that once the referee makes a decision, there is absolutely no way to change it, no matter how wrong he might be. FIFA couldn't overturn Thierry Henry's handball goal that eliminated Ireland, for example, because the referee's decision is always final.

    In this case, the referee did not hesitate to issue the harshest punishment possible, an ejection and penalty kick. If the referee had the authority to award a goal, well, he probably still would have gone with the red card and penalty kick. Ghana still needs to make the kick to win the game. The referee can't kick it for you. But FIFA can suspend Suarez for as long as they want. Two games sounds about right. Filthy cheater.

  2. FIFA should suspend Carlos Puyol's hairdresser. He looks like circa 1981 Robert Plant after a 72 hour bender


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