29 July, 2010

Rumor of the Day

Bob Bradley is taking over the Honduran National Team. I know, I know, it's a joke, but to Honduran media types, that would be a dream come true apparently. According to Shawn Francis over at and a recent Honduran poll, Hondurans favor Bob Bradley to be their next national team coach by 50%. Yeah, the same country that seems to not get enough of Jonathan Bornstein wants the king of 1st half collapses to take over.

Now normally, I'd say I was done with the joke, but Yahoo Sports is reporting that Reinaldo Rueda, Honduras' National Team coach, just resigned. Bob Bradley's contract is up in December of this year. Conveniently enough, he also speaks fluent Spanish.

Hey, why not? Bob missed out on his chance to coach Fulham. He was kind of in the mix. Well, at least mentioned, and that's more than Bruce "I've got tons of offers around the globe" Arena had in the newspapers when he was leaving the USMNT. It would be a show that US coaches could make it elsewhere. It is a challenge, and he's familiar with the opponents and the current squad. Heck, they have a pretty good squad and could do well to make Brazil in 2014. He'd be a living hero if he upset the US. Pretty much sets up your retirement, hey Bob?

While I don't see it happening, personally, I'm just throwing it out there. Bob, I know we've had our differences. I say you are effectively a ghoul, sucking the life out of your players in the first half of every game, and you say your team was put on the back heels from the start of every game. I say you don't know how to prepare you team for a game until you see what a team is doing on the pitch, and you go out and have respectable 2nd halves. What I'm saying is, why don't you throw your hat in the mix?

And on behalf of Hondurans everywhere, hopefully I don't butcher my spanish too much but, vamos hacia abajo!

Photo: YahooSports

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