17 July, 2010

San Jose v Tottenham Highlights

Well, aside from seeing the new Spurs jersey and the fact that the announcing duo of Twellman and Stone is collectively an idiot, this was a rather boring affair.

Twellman and Stone were pretty bad. How bad? Well, they talked about how Jenas was behind Gerrard in the English squad. Yeah, and so is pretty much everyone else. Jenas can't even crack the starting squad when half the Spurs are injured you idiots. (Funny but vulgar description of Jenas by Spurs fans). And their fawning over Bale seems like they were handed a sheet of who they should talk about prior to the game because every time Bale touched the ball, they talked about how great he was and unique in going forward.

Twellman,for one, should know better considering every USMNT coach he has played for wanted the exact same type of outside back and tried to employ every outside back as such to repeated failure. Or how San Jose has "done well to hold the 4th place EPL team" or "San Jose did well holding one of the best teams not just in the EPL, but in the world to a scoreless draw". They do realize that the only starters that played the first half were Bale, Kaboul and Huddlestone right? Anyways, I ramble because like I said, it was boring and the announcers were crap.

There were maybe 10 shots on goal the whole game between the two sides, with nothing really causing a challenge for either keeper except for a free kick by Bale in the first half. Keane missed a sitter when taking a great cross and inexplicably trying to head it (while receiving it at waist level). Most of the problem for Spurs was getting the ball into the attacking third and doing something constructive with it when San Jose loaded the box. For San Jose, most of their attempts were trying to beat players down the wings on through balls and then crossing into traffic. Sometimes is worked, most of the time it didn't. Not really promising for either team. Spurs looked obviously rusty and in need of a few key players, despite playing mostly bench and loan players while San Jose was happy to use their complete bench to say they played an EPL team. Neither came away winners.

The lack of anything really dominating would explain why there aren't any video highlights up 8hrs later. I'll try to track some down and post them soon.

Photo: Tottenham

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  1. Yeah, I caught the Quakes/Spurs snoozer. Taylor Twellman is worse at color commentary than he was at not being injured all the time as a player. Yes, Gareth Bale is a good up-and-coming player. I get it. Now shut up and call the action on the field, if there was any.

    I thought Luka Modric was Spurs best player, not including Carlo Cudicini who could have played the whole game sitting in a lawn chair. I had no basis for judgement of Cudicini, nor San Jose goalkeeper Jon Busch, who is one of the best in MLS and could have kept the game 0-0 if he was at his best, even if Spurs were in midseason form. That being said, Cudicini does not seem to be showing any ill effects of his motorcycle accident last November.

    The announcers kept commenting on how they couldn't believe Robbie Keane was only 30, considering his long list of accomplishments with Ireland. I couldn't believe the guy was only 30 because he looked 40 out there. Looked old enough to be a coach, and certainly does not appear to be younger than I am.

    Trinidad and Tobago forward Cornell Glen was decent for San Jose, and Ramiro Corrales seems like he has been with the Earthquakes forever, which is why he is captain, I guess.

    OK, just looked it up, and yes, Ramiro Corrales has literally been with San Jose forever. He was a member of the original San Jose Clash in the inaugural 1996 season. Getting old? Nope, he is only 33 years old. Younger than me.


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