14 July, 2010

Should We Have Goal Line Technology?

I know we are thinking "YES! We need GLT (Goal Line Technology)"! After watching the debacle during the England v Germany match I did too, but let's see what is behind the tech and it's positives and negatives.

Goal Line Technology in Testing

Or you can see another clip from testing in December 2007.

First, inserting the sensor inside the ball would be rather troublesome. After watching the video, you see the degree of difficulty inserting the bladder into the ball, but more importantly, how would the sensor not affect the movement of the ball? Sure, they use it in hockey, but that is a hard rubber puck that doesn't significantly change in shape when struck.

Jabulani Ball in Production

Of course, some officials have gone on record as saying the technology is great and they would have no problems working with it, but notice the clips all show Adidas employees, Adidas sponsored players and the officials are all non-committal. Very political.

Howard Webb Interview Regarding Use of GLT

Granted, I like the idea, but it may make more sense to have a referee behind each goal. Currently, these two extra refs are making about 3000Euro each per game in the Europa League, so it isn't like they are cost prohibitive. The Europa League was even happy enough with the results of the recent two seasons with Goal Line Referees that they renewed the concept through 2012.

Conversely, the current technology of instant replay has allowed pundits to review goals within 5-10 seconds and determine if a goal was scored or not. This is about the same amount of time refs have been delaying foul calls when advantage was present, so again, a stoppage of the flow of play isn't unwarranted nor does it affect momentum. And more than anything else, the cost is negligible.

That all said, what are your thoughts after having seen the current Jabulani ball in production, as well as the GLT in testing and the interview with WC 2010 Final ref Howard Webb?

Videos: itnsportsnews, djcandle, and adiFANSnet


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