14 July, 2010

Thierry Henry is a New York Red Bull

It's official. One of the worst held secrets in recent history now sees everyone's favorite Guadeloupan (oh, yeah, he chose France), is now the Designated Player up top for NYRB.

There are still rumors that they are looking to sign a third DP to go with Henry and Juan Pablo Angel. Just in time to debut against my boys Tottenham Hotspurs in the NY Challenge on July 22nd.

In the meantime, here's some highlights of what you may be (he's getting up there) or not getting in NY the rest of this season. The former Monaco, Arsenal, Barcelona man will soon be breakin' ankles at a MLS stadium near you (some vulgarity in the accompanying song, so heads up):

It has been announced that Thierry Henry is retiring from international football. Hey, Guadeloupe, there is a chance you can pick him up in 5yrs.

Video: journalist2007mish


  1. He won't need to use his hands to score goals in MLS. Thierry Henry will own the league. The only guys in our country who could defend him play pro ball in England, France, Germany, or Italy.

    Along these lines, I saw a Real Salt Lake game last week against Chicago Fire, and it was almost funny how they kept passing to speedy Robbie Findley on breakaways, and Findley would then promptly miss the goal entirely or shoot it straight to the goalkeeper. All speed no finish.

  2. It's alomst unfair to have him and Angel up front on the same team. Looks like they're building up NY to keep the in the ployoffs for the media revenue . . .


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