12 July, 2010

Uh Oh, Something's Got To Go

Some of you may not have heard, but just a few days after Italy's (in)glorious exit from the World Cup, Italy's Football Federation, contrary to Serie A's vote, decided that too many foreigners were ruining Italian football. Too bad they didn't realize it was a poor coach, too much diving, and some prima donas that think that Italian football is the end all be all of football as a whole. That is going to leave a lot of teams scrambling.

The result? Each Series A team is limited to one new non-EU player per team per year. Yeah, that'll go over well. Juve was looking to sign Dzeko and a few others. Guess that won't be happening now.

So what does that mean to you? Well, first, some less than informative websites were claiming that Dempsey and Donovan were headed to Series A as recently as two days ago. Wrong. They aren't that good as to exempt other, better players that are currently on the books of some teams. Examples, you say? Juventus. You telling me Felipe Melo isn't better than either of those guys? How about AC Milan? They just resigned Gooch and currently have Pato, Ronaldinho and Thiago Silva on the books. Ooops. Resigns should technically not count against this new 1 player cap, but the IFF has not been forthcoming with minute details.

So, what about other Serie A teams like Roma? Damn, half their squad is Brazilian. If a handful of players leave, they can only sign one non-EU replacement. To quote a certain White Sox announcer, "He Gone". Inter Milan? Say bye bye to any new signings

Sucks to be playing in Italy right about now. On an upside, expect to see more good players moving to Portugal, Spain and the EPL as well as some early retirees moving to MLS.


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  1. Wow, that is incredibly foolish "logic" by the Italian Federation. Foreigners don't make Serie A "worse" they make it better. The triple (League, Cup, Champions League) was won by Inter Milan, featuring Julio Cesar, Maicon, Lucio, Samuel Eto'o, Sulley Muntari, and who knows how many other non-EU players. If Inter wasn't allowed to use so many Brazilians and Africans, the team wouldn't be nearly as good.

    Any Italian National Team players who are good enough to be on the National Team will be good enough to start in Serie A no matter how many South Americans there are. And, those who start are going to be BETTER players as a result of competing against the WORLD'S best players, not just the best EU players. If you limit teams to one non-EU player, the competition is not as good and that will obviously HURT the quality of the Italian NT players without everyday competition against the best in the world.

    So, on second thought, go for it, dumbasses! Don't let any Brazilians, Argentinians, Chileans, Paraguayans, Uruguayans, or Africans (ie, GOOD players) in your all-Italian league. See how good your Italian National Team players become without any world-class competition day in and day out. They'll go to La Liga to get some REAL competition (pun intended).

    This is resentment against Argentina owning Serie A for so many years. Batistuta and Crespo still rank among the top ten Serie A scorers of all time. Interestingly, #1 is Silvio Piola, who led Italy to a World Cup 1938.


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