30 July, 2010

USA Has A Milk Moustache with Highlights

Come and get your whooppin Charlie! Damn. I don't know what was in their milk, but the US came out and dropped the hammer on the North Ireland team that had beaten Japan 5-0 two days earlier. This time, the US got the win, and it was a decisive 3-0 for a young U20 side.

North Ireland had won the previous two Milk Cups, and were well on their way to win a third in the minds of many North Irish going into the game. A first half free kick by Gale Agbossoumonde and a goal by Juan Agudelo put the US up 2-0 at half time. A third by Adrian Ruelas finished the North Irish off before Chris Hegarty (NI) and Agbossoubonde were sent off with reds for an apparent scuffle in the box that resulted in a free kick away.

This was a closely contested match, despite the scoreline and actually, the US could have made it a 4 goal game had a poor referee decision reminiscent of Coulibaly's denial of a goal by Edu in the World Cup this summer not called back a 2nd goal by Agudelo, that was clearly not offsides.

I did manage to scrounge up the highlights for you, so enjoy:

Video: 723FootballFilms

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