04 July, 2010

Which of these things doesn't belong?

One of these things doesn't go together,
One of these things just doesn't belong...

Aguirre and Mexico
Dunga and Brazil
Sven Goran and Ivory Coast
Bradley and USA

If you chose Bradley, you chose correctly as he is the only one whose nation expected a better showing and also the only one who did not resign at the elimination of their team. Instead, he is riding out his contract instead of vacating the position for USSF to fill while good managers are still available.

Sue Bridgewater, an economist at the Warwick Business School, has done a little research on coaching experience and team results based on a coach's soccer education. Basically, in her book Football Management, she proves that the more experienced and trained a coach is, the better the results. Seems like a "no sh*t Sherlock" moment, but it backs up the notion that if the US hires a proven and experienced international coach (as opposed to some ego trip that the US can produce it's own winning coaches with only MLS experience) then we may have a chance to get into the semis and finals in the coming Cup.

The problem is, who is going to be available in December when Bradley's contract runs out? I'm going to venture and say no one of major significance. This will allow the USSF to trot out a token coach or rehire Bradley with the excuse that there are no good and experienced coaches available... Am I the only one who can see this happening?


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