29 July, 2010

Who's Going to be the Next Chicago Fire DP?

Brian Mechanik over at Matchfitusa has an interesting piece of speculation for you. The next DP for Chicago won't be Damarcus Beasley, as we have suggested (albeit tongue in cheek), but instead it'll be a defensive player. More specifically, it'll be Jay DeMerit.

What?! A defender making DP money? Chad Marshall is the highest paid defender and the defensive mvp of MLS for the last two years and he's only making $320K ($250K + incentives). DP money would put DeMerit at about $35,000 more, minimum (DP min is $350K).

Now hear him out. Which has been a stalwart in the USMNT for the last year or two? DeMerit. Which one averages a card every other game for the national team it seems? Marshall. What does Chicago need to improve (besides scoring)? a Defender.

DeMerit would give an instant impact to Chicago. Perhaps one even to propel them into the playoffs comfortably. Personally, I like the idea of a younger player coming in than 30yo DeMerit, but the guy is a local and well, needed there. Right now, MLS isn't really attracting young players. Heck even Adu is trialing with his 5th team in 3 years in Switzerland rather than coming back here with tail between his legs.

DeMerit sounds like a smart choice for Chicago. But again, DP money smart?


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