11 July, 2010

The World Cup Final Mistake Goal That Never Happend

I was watching the first half and just after Casillas kicked the ball out to receive attention, a show of good sportsmanship nearly turned into an "accidental" goal.

Here's how it went down: The Dutch kicked the ball back to Casillas on the other side of the field and a slightly over-hit ball took a funny bounce and nearly became a goal.

It got me to thinking, what would the Dutch have done had that ball bounced into the goal? Would the Netherlands stand aside and let the Spanish dribble down and score to equalize? Technically, there isn't any FIFA rule stating they have to, but there would be hell to pay if they didn't such as in the Netherlands v Portugal game a few years ago.

You decide, what should the Netherlands have done had the goal been scored?

In the meantime, here are several funny World Cup goals, mostly poor communication, but some a decent bit of luck.

Video: uncleduzz


  1. Now where do you find a video narrated by Michael Caine with hip hop in the background? Nice poke at the scots on #6, seemed kinda low . . .

  2. Oh man thanks for the surprise at the end. Damn you Michael Caine you sarcastic bastard!


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