02 August, 2010

3rd DP To Be Announced by NYRB Today

It must be an MLS kind of day today. First, Landy gets his 100th goal, now, MLS is stating that NYRB will be announcing their 3rd DP today.

Many believe it will be Rafa Marquez. The guy was being hinted to longer than I can remember, and after being cut loose by Barcelona a few days ago, NYRB came out and said that their 3rd DP has a contract offer and just needs to sign on the dotted line. "He will line up at the back of a diamond mid", were the words being used.

So, who do you think it'll be? At the rate of weird transfer rumors, I do agree that it'll be Rafa. The only team that seems to get who they openly tap up as of late seems to be NY. Maybe they are trying to keep the Cosmos viral marketing at bay...

Yup. It's official. Rafa Marquez is your 3rd NYRB DP.

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