27 August, 2010

Another Step Closer to England WC 2018

Chilean Football President Harold Mayne-Nichols just recently visited England for their WC 2018 bid.

"All the needs and objectives of our visit were met and we are positive that the World Cup in England in 2018 or 2022 would be a great experience with a long-lasting legacy for the country and its people as well as for football worldwide.

"The concept you are coming up with that every single participating team will be hosted by a domestic professional team makes perfect sense to us. It will guarantee that all the teams will be able to practise in perfect conditions." Mayne-Nichols via the Guardian

Yeah, this was to be expected. England kowtowed to FIFA after the whole Lord Triesman, affair, bribery to get the World Cup to Spain thing...

While it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that England will win the 2018 bid, don't be completely shocked if Russia pulls out the upset. Maybe it's the whole, "they know how to properly bribe an official" thing.

Does this jersey make me look bald?


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