29 August, 2010

Asmir Begovic Say What?

Apparently, Chelsea have approached Stoke about signing keeper Asmir Begovic as he "is one of the best in the country."

Wait, what? This is a guy who made 4 appearances for Stoke since his move in January. He actually previously played for Portsmouth and after moving to Tottenham, Harry Redknapp sought to bring him to Spurs, even paying approximately £1mil to Portsmouth, who now has to repay it.

Asmir turned down a move to Spurs as he wouldn't be a clear number one starter.

So now comes word that Chelsea offered in the range of £4.5mil (he transfered to Stoke for just under £4mil) to bring him in as a back up to Cech. A backup...

Granted Cech is getting up there, but really? He played 11 games for the U20 Canada team before returning to Bosnia to make 3 appearances for their national team.

I don't know... the guy hasn't shown much for a 23yo. Anyways, here is a compilation from one of his admirers so you judge (with obvious bias not withstanding).

Video: bosniabarcamanutdfan

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