25 August, 2010

Beggers Can Be Choosers

Robinho. You completed a £32.5 million transfer deal (in 2008) to Man City. What are you going to do now? I think I'll sit the bench and complain about the team while pocketing ~£160,000/week in salary.

Sounds good. Oh, and then complain you aren't getting enough playing time, and say you want to go to Santos in Brazil to get match fit for the World Cup.

Add to that, you now turn down a possible £16 million dollar deal to play for Fenerbache in Turkey because you "want to play in Serie A". Wow. Really?

You want to dictate terms to Man City? You played 41 matches total for them in 2 years. Either Man City is one of the dumbest teams ever by not adding in a pay off clause to your contract or you are one egotistical bastard.

How about both? The best part of all of this is you have more lives than Freddy Adu. No matter how much of an ass your are to the club that signs you, someone will take a flying leap of faith on you and sign you to some ridiculous salary so you can do it all over again. You did it an Real (wanting to go to Chelsea), now Man City (wanting to go to Italy). What's next? At 35, are you going to be dictating terms to a club to go MLS and get money thrown at you as you retire?

You aren't what soccer needs or wants. We want to see players play, not gripe about salaries (exhorbitant) or where they want to play next. Yeah, you have skills, but why don't you keep your complaints to yourself and play to earn your salaries because I'm betting those guys paying £100/game to watch you would more than happy to not see you and pay £80/game instead.

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