26 August, 2010

Bundesliga Helping Find Missing Children

I stumbled upon this yesterday, and if you are like me, you don't get to see many Bundesliga games during the season and you definitely don't see many positive moves to help the public (sorry FIFA, I just wasn't feeling that whole "Respect" the ref thing).

This one was perhaps one you should have caught.

With the Bundesliga pulling in the highest average attendance totals over the last two years running, a not for profit group called the Kempertrautmann Missing Children Initiative (Initiative Kempertrautmann Vermisste Kinder) partnered with the Bundesliga to help locate missing children.

Apparently, the match last week between Bayern and Real Madrid (I know it's not Bundesliga, but this was one of the first promos being run) saw Van Bommel take the field with the photo blowup of a girl named Deborah, who has been missing since 1996.

Let's hope it helps.


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