30 August, 2010

CONCACAF To Change World Cup Qualifying

CONCACAF To Change World Cup Qualifying

Yeah, confused yet? I didn't want to reinvent the wheel and Jason Davis over at Matchfit USA did as good a job explaining it without breaking out Stephen Hawkins and reanimating Albert Einstein.

Basically, same number of games, just this time "possibly" making it easier for a team other than Mexico and the US to qualify. What's not apparent is that in the final round of qualifying, no mention is made if World Rankings will be a factor so in theory Mexico and the US could be in the same group of 4 on one side of the bracket and theoretically, Jamaica, T&T, Canada and Honduras in the other with the 2nd place teams of each bracket playing each other to determine 3rd place and "if" a 4th spot goes the way of CONCACAF, then "maybe" we'll see both 2nd place teams qualify sans playoff.

Not liking the look of this very much. That's just my opinion, and not that of the Money Grubbing Thieves of CONCACAF™ (aka Chuck "Fat Santa" Blazer or Jack "Klepto" Warner).

Photo: faniq and Parker Brothers

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