18 August, 2010

How Did I Miss This?

ESPN... nice. You found a way to take a take a good team's name and make some hilarity out of it. See, it was bad enough that playing on the astroturf yesterday saw Young Boys put in three quick goals on Tottenham in the first 30mins, but now you have to play the double entendre game. Touche, ESPN, touche.

Yesterday's match 3-2 upset was second fiddle, I guess, to the fact that Young Boys are relieved that their new stadium will be built, judging by the "Young Boys Wankdorf Erection Relief" article that you ran.

Thanks to one of our readers for catching this.

Oh, and in case you wanted to check out the highlights of the Spurs/Young Boys game, here you go:

Spurs just weren't ready for the speed (just before the 2nd goal, the german announcer is saying "a bit to quick and a bit too good" and later says its a "debacle" after the 3rd goal), but once the tactics changed at half time, Young Boys couldn't keep up. I don't expect them to put up as much of a fight at White Hart Lane in the 2nd Leg. It seems their whole goal was to knock Spurs out quick with a high goal tally that would be hard to come back from. Good on them for sticking with a plan and executing to perfection that first half.

Video: TVstarsfootball

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