03 August, 2010

IFFHS Doesn't Need No Stinkin Rules

About a week back, the guys over at had an interesting article.

The short and skinny of it was that a group funded by FIFA, let me rephrase that, a guy propped up with FIFA money, comes up with a yearly list that ranks club teams (and their countries' leagues) against each other to determine a "best of" list.

Okay, that seems reasonable. So how is it created, you may ask? Well, competitions get certain ratings, i.e.- Copa Libertadores and Champions League get higher weighting than say Europa League or Copa SudAmerica or even CONCACAF CL, for example. Well, that sounds simple enough. And then, each team's win get points (they vary depending on some obscure and proprietary formula apparently), draws usually get half the points of a win, and a loss, well, nothing.

The problem lies that Alfredo Pöge is pretty much a one man show in the creation of the formula, the rankings and the what not involved with his list. Since it's creation in 1984, the IFFHS has gone from publishing several magazines to now only listing it's information online, and even then, several reputable sports outlets refuse to acknowledge their "press releases".

Still skeptical in what I say about the IFFHS? How bout this, IFFHS claims the most popular man in football last year was Carlos Pevon. Before that, they say it was Mohamed Aboutrika. For two years straight. You can't make this tripe up. No CR. No Rooney. No Messi and no Xabi, for those of you with a man crush on him.

Just for your information, Aboutrika is an Egyptian forward that plays for Al-Ahly. Good, but the world's most popular footballer?

Need more proof of the comedy that is the IFFHS? How about that Fulham (9th in the world in 2009) is ranked higher than both Arsenal (11th) and Man U (10th). Yeah, funny, but not sure I'd believe that one either. For reference, Tottenham is at 91, while Al-Hilal Omdurman of Sudan's league (their 2nd team on the list) is at 88. Columbus Crew clocks in at 248, behind teams from Botswana, a team from Iran, and a handful from Thailand, Kuwait and Qatar. Suck it Columbus.

What, still don't believe me that the IFFHS is on crack? How about the top 25 players of the century for CONCACAF listing Marcelo Balboa and not Landycakes?

Honestly, I'm not sure why FIFA keeps funding this guy. Maybe it's there to offset the Coca Cola international rankings that FIFA makes up each year on their "floating average".

One thing is for certain, Germans do seem to have a sense of humor.

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