10 August, 2010

Movsisyan Goes Armenian

Yeah, it's a mouthful to say. The 23yo American/Armenian was born in Baku, Azerbijan in 1987, but his family moved to LA as anti-Armenian violence grew stronger in his homeland.

Drafted by MLS in 2006, he scored 20 goals in 81 appearances over 3 years before making the move to Europe with Randers in the Danish Superliga where he has since been on fire. Since his move, he's now scored 8 in 17 games include a handful in the Europa League qualifying.

Not bad for the 23yo forward. The obvious question is why Armenia? The team is ranked 96th in the latest FIFA rankings. He could play for the US.

Don't think he probably hasn't thought of that. Was the USSF honestly going to give him a chance to play? The guy wasn't even called up in the 30 for World Cup training camp and we keep picking Buddle and Findley over him as we seem to think speed wins all.

Honestly, it's a smart move on his part. He's pretty much going to be a starter for a long time for them, play all over Europe in qualifying for WC and other international matches and by default gets to showcase his talent to the next big club to go sniffing for a unpolished and lesser known striker. He'll make his debut for Armenia against Iran tomorrow, August 11th in a friendly. He'll follow that up in September with Euro 2012 qualifying with group play against Ireland, Russia, Slovakia, Macedonia and perennial redheaded step child, Andorra.

We wish you luck Yura. Sad to see you go, but the USSF wasn't in the cards for you. Tear Europe a new one in Euro Cup qualifying.


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