01 August, 2010

Paul Scholes Gives a Backhanded Slap to Liverpool

Scholes was interviewed by the Sunday Mirror yesterday. The funny thing is that he was asked about Tottenham and Man City and if they had a chance at the EPL title this year.
"I honestly think it will be the same as any other season really,'' he told the Sunday Mirror. "The same teams that are always there will be up there - ourselves, Chelsea and Arsenal."
Yeah, last time I checked, for most of the last 10yrs it was Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal and Liverpool all battling it out. Not that I'm a fan of Liverpool, but they seem to be getting the flush from both players and clubs alike. Seems, like the only people rooting for Liverpool are well, maybe from Liverpool.

Well, 'pool fans? Looks like you're being discounted by everyone else now too as a contender. Time to step up or find yourself walking alone down mid table telling Spurs fans "We won the League back in 2003"... when it's 2020.

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