21 August, 2010

Spurs v Stoke Highlights

Spurs come out winners, 2-1 with a late effort by Stoke denied on the goal line by Lady Fancier Crouch who some claimed handled it on the goal line, but even the replays were kind of iffy. It looks like it hit his chest but either way, the 2nd goal by Bale was a beaut. That's two towards my prediction of 10 for the man to watch for the season (for those of you counting at home). Not bad for a team that was forced to trot out a 4-5-1 formation with only one striker making the game day roster due to mid week injuries at Young Boys.

Video: MyBabyBackRibs

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  1. I'm gonna give you credit on Bale, that was a cracker and he looks real good so far this year. I didn't have to convince you about Andy Carroll either. NUFC may exceed my expectations, as soon as Taylor get healthy and puts Perch on the bench we don't look all that bad . . .


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