14 August, 2010

Start Your Blackpool Bandwagon Up Now

I've been telling you guys for the last month or two to watch these guys. Granted, Wigan are no world beaters, but Blackpool is the scrappy team you want to follow. Case in point? 4-0. That's the score they just beat Wigan by earlier today. Now, it wasn't the biggest defeat today. That went to Chelsea crushing West Brom 6-0 (I think "the Godfather" is ahead picking Didier for the Golden Boot, cause he knocked in a hat trick today).

Now the scoreline flatters Blackpool (although they had defeated Wigan 4-1 last year in the 2nd rd of the Carling Cup), because Wigan held more possession (58% to 42%), had a slightly better passing rate, and had a goal disallowed at the beginning of the 2nd half. That said, welcome to the big league Blackpool.

1st half goals:

2nd half goal:

Video: eplmatches

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