19 August, 2010

'Staschecastle United

Apparently, in an effort to garnish support from fans, some of the Newcastle players are going to go without shaving until they win a Premiership match this season. Question now is how long till they give up this futile effort? Maybe they are just banking on the fact that their next 4 EPL opponents are Aston Villa, Wolves, Blackpool and Everton.

Video: STE93Newcastle


  1. The only thing for certain for the Toon this year is that Joey Barton with his 70's porn star stash looks a lot like Sean Penn when he sported the stash in that one movie. I love the serial kiler look. Over/under on how long into the season it takes for my man to get in to a bar fight?

  2. I was thinking the same thing on the Sean Penn call. And as for an over/under, anything more than 2 months will be an utter disappointment for Joey.


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