10 August, 2010

USA Match Ratings vs Brazil

Warning: contains spoilers. The Brazil/USA friendly just ended, and first of all, I want to compliment myself on predicting the starting lineup relatively accurately.

Next, the match ratings. These match ratings are purely the opinion of The Professor. I would not presume to rate the Brazilians, so I will only rate the USA players.

Starting 11


Howard = 6 Played well for the most part, was not at fault on the goals, but didn't exactly pull out a Kasey Keller performance that we needed in order to win.

Bornstein = 4 Clearly at fault on the first goal. Had a better second half, but it is a bit disturbing that this guy is the best left back we can find in this country.

Bocanegra = 5 Not that bad, not that good. As captain, needs to organize the new guys on defense. Made some stops but didn't have a remarkable game at center back.

Gonzalez = 4
Big Omar gets the start, gets beaten repeatedly. Completely absent on second goal. Had a better second half and got his head on some balls in the air. I want to see more. This guy has a very bright future ahead of him, despite the mental lapse.

Spector = 6
A bright spot for the USA. Defended well, went forward well, good long passer. I am glad to see Spector get the start today and play relatively well, since he is the right back of the future.

Feilhaber = 4 Disappointing. Didn't make anything happen on offense. No real mistakes either. Didn't see much activity on the defensive end, which was sorely needed.

Bradley = 5
Tireless work rate, good defending, but simply could not spring our forwards with the long pass and didn't have any short passing game to speak of.

Edu = 6
Another bright spot. Excellent defending, good passing with the ball, one of the few USA players who looked like he belonged on the same field as the Brazilians.

Bedoya = 2
Dare I say it? Our worst player. Passed the ball to the wrong team every single time he touched the ball. I don't have any statistics on pass completion percentage but I'd be willing to bet Bedoya's was close to zero! Beaten repeatedly on defense, and called out by JP Dellacamera for ball-watching on the second goal.

Donovan = 7 Easily our best field player, as usual. Only player working hard to create something. Was fouled repeatedly. Unfortunately, had no support whatsoever.

Buddle = 3
I've said it before and I'll say it now: he simply isn't that good. Never showed for the ball, never fought for it, never broke away from his defender. Useless.

Halftime subs:
Guzan (for Howard) = 7 Tempting to give him a lower rating for being saved by the post on two separate occasions, but the fact is Guzan did not allow a goal and made a sweet point blank save. Seems stronger in the air than Tim Howard. Is that blasphemy for me to say?

Kljestan (for Feilhaber) = 6 I personally don't think Kljestan is very good but I was impressed by his effort and work rate. Terrible passing touch ended a lot of plays, but worked hard to make things happen. An improvement over Feilhaber mostly for the sake of defensive effort.

Altidore (for Buddle) = 5 Managed to get the ball but couldn't do much with it. Got fouled a lot, which I guess is OK. At least that means he is holding the ball well. Needs to pass better.

Subs in the 62nd minute
Findley (for Donovan) = 4 The USA officially gave up any chance of scoring with this substitution. Findley is fast, but can't ever do a thing with the ball. No surprises here.

Goodson (for Bocanegra) = 5

I didn't see a lot from Goodson, which is good because it means he wasn't getting beaten on defense. At least not that I noticed. Didn't allow any goals.

Sub in the 67th minute
Gomez (for Bedoya) = 3 Finally Bedoya was removed, but Gomez wasn't any better. Hardly touched the ball, didn't defend at all.

So there you have it. Agree? Disagree? Was this Bob Bradley's final game as coach? Discuss in the comments.


  1. Old Coach says: Generally I agree with your ratings with the following exceptions:

    Feilhaber was not that bad and Edu was not that good; rate them equal with M. Bradley. Perhaps Rogers and Torres, even Stuart Holman will be at world cup level in 3 1/2 years.

    You discredit Buddle; he actually ran down balls, passed and crossed. In fact early in the match his one-two with Donovan would have led to a goal had Donovan not been tripped. A 1 - 0 US lead that early may have changed the whole match.

    Yeah, Finley sucks, but he is only ? 24, so his skill and finish might improve enough for next time. Our real best bet is to seduce/kidnap Neymar and force upon him a US citizenship.

    One more rating: Bob Bradley = 4
    In a match he brought as many of his big guns as he could to try to win and pad up his resume`, he should have known that Aboya and Gomez were mistakes; he might as well have brought back Clark.

  2. Good points. I've liked Edu for a long time and want to see him there everytime. I think it's time to push Rodgers and Holden. They are young, quick, hard working, and positive in their approach. What do people see in Bedoya? Hey, Martin O Niell is free . . . Wonder if he could pull it off? Bradley isn't horrible but time for a change of pace. As a card carrying member of the Toon Army let me throw out another name: Kevin Keegan. Won't happen, I'm sure, but nothing outside of Gus Hiddink would make me happier . . .


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