19 August, 2010


Yeah, so what do the sign at right and the stadiums from the 2010 World Cup have in common? You guessed it, they're both useless.

According to South African Rugby Union President Oregan Hoskins:
"What we are discussing today should have been discussed before we built the stadiums. It is tragic for us as a nation that we have to act in reverse. In 2007, before the new stadiums were built, I wrote to the minister of sport and said I foresaw major problems coming and I asked for the intervention of the ministry. Unfortunately, we were all taken up by the soccer World Cup and in the hype we forgot we should have been talking to each other. We want to use the new stadiums. We want to take the game to the people, but these issues are going to stand in our way in a big way." - ESPN
So it looks like the $1bil+ spent on soccer stadiums for this year's tourney are not capable of supporting more popular sports in South Africa, like cricket and rugby in their present states.

Ooops. According to the same article, Green Point Stadium in Cape Town costs nearly $6mil a year alone, just to maintain. Soccer cannot support that in South Africa where the average ticket price for a game is ~$18.

This is very similar to the stadiums built for the Bejing Olympics, where most are now in various states of disuse.

Are we really sure we want the World Cup in 2018 or 2022? At the rate FIFA is going and countries are bending over backward to accommodate them, Brazil might be off in worse shape than it is now stuck with facilities and accommodations it can't use now or after the World Cup is over.

One of the stadiums was even built on ~6000 acres land that was owned by one of the tribal nations in South Africa, but in 2003 the land was sold to the local township for 1 Rand (less than $1). The issue here was that the land was managed by a trust which was trying to garner jobs for the tribe but had since had a falling out. Either way, the land was worth a lot more and now the town and it's taxpayers are saddled with paying for the stadium upkeep when the tribe, who owned the land until it's secret sale in 2003, didn't even want the stadium there.

Sounds like FIFA ought to change it's motto from "The Game of the World" to "Bankrupting Nations Around the World".

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